Flood Barriers:

A consumer's guide intended to provide visitors with resources, advice and information about products and services available to commercial property managers, architects and engineers to protect commercial property. Plan ahead to avoid catastrophic damage to your property!

Downtown Nashville, Tennessee in May 2010. Photo taken by Kaldari on May 3, 2010.

Flooding in downtown Nashville, Tennessee in May 2010. Photo taken by Kaldari on May 3, 2010. Click image to enlarge.

Flood protection for your commercial property

Commercial property owners are increasingly concerned about flood protection, floodproofing, flood mitigation and flood insurance. Conventional methods such as sandbags are cumbersome and fail to provide adequate protection in most cases.

Flood barriers, also known as flood shields and flood panels, are designed to protect different kinds of openings from damage caused by floodwater inundation. Flood barriers are designed to be quickly installed and to provide a watertight seal for openings. Each opening may require a different protection design. The products featured in this website are designed to cover most applications.

Flood-Barriers.com is an informational website presented by the flood protection experts at FloodPanel.com to provide valuable resources and showcase a variety of flood control products that are among the best available in the market.

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Flood Panel, a flood barrier

Flood Panel™

Flood Panel is a removable flood barrier system ideal for single or double door applications. Each panel is specifically engineered to the required height, and is edged with a rubber gasket.

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Panel and Post System

Flood Panel and Post System™

Panel and Post System is a proprietary system designed by Flood Panel LLC. It is similar to the standard Flood Panel, but the panels are mounted on removable vertical posts.

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Puddle Panel

Puddle Panel™

Puddle Panel is designed to be a quick reaction system capable of withstanding low flooding. It is highly effective in keeping water from entering doorways and is quick and easy to install.

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Hinged Flood Gate

Hinged Flood Gate

Hinged Flood Gates are similar to our other barriers except they are permanently installed at the opening location. They can be customized to suit any opening in either a single or double leaf configuration.

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Pedestrian Flood Door (Man Door)

Pedestrian Flood Door (Man Door)

Flood Doors look and work like a normal pedestrian door that has been internally reinforced and has a sealing mechanism within the frame providing a leak free seal when closed.

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Flood Log, flexible modular flood barriers that install quickly

Flood Log™

Flood Log (patent pending) is a modular system designed to withstand high velocity water loads and heavy impact forces. It has a proven history as an effective barrier, particularly in hurricane prone locations.

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